The transition from youth into adulthood is a pivotal point in the life of a growing young person. The demands of higher education and the often-difficult balance required to prioritise a range of interests to ensure success is uppermost on the minds of both students and their parents. The Impact Students Movement (ISM) is a ministry with a mission to students. We recognise that for many young people, the experiences they face are both new and daunting. ISM strives to provide an environment where young believers can grow in a safe and supportive environment, being nurtured through the Word of God and mentored to make an impact for Jesus in their generation both now and in the future.

We are delighted to have you visit our website. On these pages, we would like to share some important information about the church and introduce you to a few of the benefits of fellowship with us. We hope you will find your experience both enjoyable and informative. May the Lord bless and keep you in the name of Jesus.



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