“Take from among you an offering to the LORD. Whoever is of a willing heart, let him bring it as an offering to the LORD: gold, silver, and bronze.”
(Exodus 35:5 NKJV).

God provides for the ministry through the generosity of our Members and Friends. Together, we are able to minister the good news of the gospel to the world.  Your donations will be used to teach the message of salvation through Jesus Christ and equip many to make an impact for God worldwide.



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Please use the bank details provided with your mobile or online banking service provider.


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Gift Aid

Also, please consider filling out the Gift Aid declaration form below so that you can increase the value of your donation to us by 25%. You can read more about the Gift Aid Scheme below.



Online Giving Using PayPal

Online giving is very easy, safe and secure using paypal. Please click on the button below to give now. God bless you.


We are delighted to have you visit our website. On these pages, we would like to share some important information about the church and introduce you to a few of the benefits of fellowship with us. We hope you will find your experience both enjoyable and informative. May the Lord bless and keep you in the name of Jesus.



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