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Church is so much more than a service at the weekend. We believe it is about Gathering Together to worship and fellowship, Growing Together in faith as we hear God's word, and Going Together to make an Impact for God.  At IGC, every member is part of the church family.  We believe in "doing life" together as a family.  We have a system of small groups to hep us connect effectively as a family of believers.  These are called Impact Life Groups (or ILGs)
Our series of small but uniquely empowered impact life groups (ILG's), meet once a week for fellowship, worship, prayer and study of the word.  Our meetings are not confined to premises and church buildings, but take the glory of God's goodness into homes, parks, cafeterias and all places where God's people can be found. The purpose of our life groups is to ensure that people have the care and nuture necessary to grow in faith, within proximity of their homes and places they frequent.

How do I join a life group?

To join one of our life groups, please send us an email at  The details you provide will help our small group's team to connect you with an ILG close to you.



Weekly Life Group Study Outline


ILG study materials will be uploaded here weekly.  Please click here to view the Study Material  material for the current week.
Praise Worship for ILG








For life group Hosts

Don't forget to pray for members of your Life Groups weekly.  

Also please file your reports at the end of each meeting.  

God bless you


We are delighted to have you visit our website. On these pages, we would like to share some important information about the church and introduce you to a few of the benefits of fellowship with us. We hope you will find your experience both enjoyable and informative. May the Lord bless and keep you in the name of Jesus.



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