What is the greatest heritage a parent can leave to their children? People might mention: lands, property, jewellery, a good family name, the list goes on. And often times parents beat themselves up when they think they have not provided what in their opinion is a good inheritance for their children. Don’t get me wrong providing the finer things of life for their children is every parent’s ultimate desire but as important as these things are leaving a Godly legacy is the greatest inheritance every parent should strive to leave.

The primary responsibility for passing on a Godly legacy lies solely on parents not their teachers, Sunday school teachers, youth leaders or even the society. God assigned this important job to parents. And this charge still remains true. This will not occur by chance; parents will need to be intentional because if we don’t someone or something else will. Deuteronomy 6:5 – 9 gives us a vivid description on how to do this. Firstly, we are to train our children verbally, through teachings and conversations about God and His word. Secondly, we are to influence our children by our actions.  When parents let Scripture guide their motives and actions, children can’t help but notice because children learn behaviour by example. Apostle Paul speaking to Timothy in 2 Timothy 1: 5 made mention of the faith of both his mother and grandmother which had helped shape his faith. As parents we need to lead by example and consider our behaviours because they influence our children. Children do what they have seen over time and not what they are told, they might do what they are told when you are there but children will do what they see you do time and time again. So, consider the following behaviours and see how well you have been leaving a godly legacy: 



So, if you are a parent, or a person of influence in a young person’s life take a moment today to consider what they may or may not be observing in your life because we are typically their first example of godly living.

If you want your children to desire God, then you must live according to His will.  My prayer is that your relationship with God will influence how you act and help you to leave a godly legacy that will overflow into the lives of your children and the young men and women around you.


Pastor Taze